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Jonathan Pfarr

Kanye West, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Imagine Dragons
Coming from a producer and recording engineer background, I never fully tackled mixing. It’s something that I have always been trying to improve at. Mixing is an art in itself, and the in and outs of it are misunderstood most of the time. Seth makes following along extremely easy. It’s never hard to digest what he’s teaching and explaining. Throughout his videos everything is clearly logical in the way his workflow works for him, and he shines the light on aspects of mixing that I needed help with. Being a great mixer is more than just the quality of work you get, it’s about the execution as well. Seth makes it’s very clear and easy to understand. I highly suggest sitting down for a few hours and watching, learning, listening.

Lee Rouse

Teddy Swims, Illenium, Saint Young
Watching Seth work has been incredibly inspiring to me. Seeing how simple things should be when you just use your ears and know your tools like the back of your hand is what I feel that every engineer should know before diving too deep. There’s so much misinformation out in the world of YouTube and other websites to teach young engineers how to basically mix themselves into a corner, and I truly think that Seth is the guiding light to lead people out of that corner with his wisdom and experience. Plus he’s really good at teaching his Cubase guru tricks to people that have been using it forever.

Joey Doherty

I Prevail, Emarosa, Skillet, Sonic the Hedgehog
The content made by is next to none. Never have I seen such great long-form content where they actually break down each and every step. They show you exactly what they’re doing start to finish and why they choose to make each mixing move. Incredibly well put together, thought-out, and easily accessible. I’m still learning things from these videos and content. When you have a world class mixer actually show you the truths behind mixing concepts it doesn’t get any better. Finally real content, by professionals with incredible approaches and mindsets to mixing.

Diamond Eyes

NCS, Christina Grimmie, Madden '14
I really value Seth’s approach to mixing down music, he uses his ears and has a ‘no gimmicks’ mindset. These videos have an inordinate amount of ‘golden nuggets’ and I was amazed by the sheer amount there was to learn. Too often I’ve gotten caught up in the ‘you need this plugin’ or ‘this setup’ but in reality it’s all about knowing what you have & developing your ears and taste, and that is one of the many lessons I’ve learned from Seth. You’re the man, Seth.


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